How it Works

The PickTatu App focuses on using statistics to assign win probabilities to jackpot games. This information is then cross referenced with weight head to head data before drawing a mathematical probability of the game outcome.

Inasmuch as math never lies, the world of probability is just that – probability. It tells you what might be but many things can change in teams and an encounter that will occassionaly throw math off.

Our goal is to furnish you with the histroical data and conclusions based on this data to give you a proper foundation from which you can build your predictions. You can augment the picks by adding present information like:

  • Recent form
  • New changes like bought player or changed club manager
  • Any injuries in the team
  • Travel distance or weather
  • Dissent or internal feuds in the team

Why Unlock Premium

Unlocking the premium tier not only gives you access to all the mathematical picks but it also gives you access to further statistics that will make your match analysis further.

Searching individual match statistics is time consuming. Our goal is to aggregate all this information on a single page for different jackpots. 

You spend less time looking for the data and more time analyzing and interpreting it since we will have the information that matters in a single page.


The product is still growing. If you feel there is any new features that will make your match analysis easier, please contact us and make a special request. We will happily schedule it for release in the next version of the app.