List of 5 biggest jackpot winners in Kenya

In recent years, the realm of gambling and lotteries in Kenya has witnessed unprecedented excitement and life-changing moments for individuals who dared to dream big.

Here is a list of the 5 biggest jackpot winners in Kenya whose lives were forever altered by a stroke of luck.

1. Gordon Ogada – Ksh230 Million

Gordon Ogada is another Kenyan whose story reads like a modern Fairy tale. A fervent football fan hailing from Kisumu County, Ogada’s life took an extraordinary turn when he bagged himself Ksh230 million in February 2022, adding him to Kenya’s renowned list of SportPesa jackpot winners.

After constructing a beautiful home in his village in Migori, Ogada invested his fortune in several long-term ventures.

He also chose to give back to the community by taking care of the elderly and covering the educational expenses of the area’s underprivileged children.

As of 2024, Gordon Ogada is still the biggest SportPesa mega jackpot winner in Kenyan football betting history.

2. Simon Abisai – Ksh221 Million

Considered the pioneer in winning mega fortunes in Kenya, Samuel Abisai, a resident of Kakamega County, gained national fame when he won the first SportPesa mega jackpot in 2017.

He predicted the correct outcome of all 17 football matches and garnered himself a staggering sum of Ksh221 million.

Demonstrating his prudent financial managerial skills, the Nairobi University alumni did not rush into a spending spree but dedicated a full year to contemplation and meticulous investment planning.

After giving back to the community by donating to his local church, Abisai finally partnered with a Chinese company, focusing on producing house and car paints.

3. Cosmas Korir – Ksh208 Million

A resident of Eldoret in Uasin Gishu County, Cosmas Korir is another Kenyan whose triumph gives the hope of winning to other football pundits in the country.

The 40-year-old predicted 17 matches and bagged himself a total of Ksh208 million in 2018.

Korir first decided to buy himself a Ksh.12 million Toyota Landcruiser V8. He subsequently built himself and his family a house in his village in Bomet.

Being a person with a caring heart, he also rewarded his two friends with Ksh5 million each for the advice they had given him as he was placing his bets.

Since becoming a SportPesa jackpot winner, Korir was not only lucky enough to be elected as the Member of County Assembly for Kipsonoi ward in Bomet County, but he was also subsequently elected the assembly’s fourth speaker after garnering 32 votes.

4. Christpher Ndolo- Ksh31 Milion

Another SportPesa mega jackpot winner is Christopher Ndolo Mutinda. By correctly predicting 16 out of the 17 required matches, Ndolo was able to bag himself a whooping Ksh31 million.

Since he wasn’t able to predict all the given matches, the other two players were also able to receive the overall bonus, with each receiving Ksh5 million and 589,000.

5. Sila Mwenda –  Ksh6 Milion

Silas Mwenda can be considered one of the luckiest jackpot winners in Kenya, as he not only won it once but also twice.

The first time Mwenda hit the jackpot was in 2019 when he won the Ksh6 million SportPesa mega jackpot prize. Without losing hope, he continued believing in himself, kept playing, and luckily won the Ksh4 million jackpot 4 years later.

A resident of Meru County, Silas Mwendwa proved himself a calculated investor as not only did he build his family a stunning house, but he was also able to buy himself a Toyota Probox and truck, thanks to his double SportPesa mega jackpot winnings.

In conclusion, the narratives of Kenya’s top five jackpot winners serve as a testament to the transformative power of luck and perseverance.

As their tales continue to inspire and captivate, one thing remains abundantly clear: in the realm of gambling, fortune favours the daring dreamer.

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