Grocery seller walks home with Ksh 19,000,000 playing Aviator

With sports betting betting becoming very popular in Africa, more ordinary Africans are trying their luck and becoming overnight millionaires. Recently, one man in Malawi hit it big and became the latest big winner on BetPawa’s Aviator game. Jacquez Tuyizere, a Rwandanese business man, became the latest celebrated millionaire after … Read More

How to analyze jackpot matches and make better predictions

Maximize jackpot winning chances

The key to winning any jackpot prize is to ensure that you conduct comprehensive research and gather as much information about the teams before placing any bet. While this might sound easy, understand that it is not. This is because jackpot games are characterized by an infinite possibility of outcomes. … Read More

List of 5 biggest jackpot winners in Kenya

Mega Jackpot

In recent years, the realm of gambling and lotteries in Kenya has witnessed unprecedented excitement and life-changing moments for individuals who dared to dream big. Here is a list of the 5 biggest jackpot winners in Kenya whose lives were forever altered by a stroke of luck. 1. Gordon Ogada … Read More