Grocery seller walks home with Ksh 19,000,000 playing Aviator

With sports betting betting becoming very popular in Africa, more ordinary Africans are trying their luck and becoming overnight millionaires. Recently, one man in Malawi hit it big and became the latest big winner on BetPawa’s Aviator game.

Jacquez Tuyizere, a Rwandanese business man, became the latest celebrated millionaire after he placed two bets on the BetPawa avaiator platform and managed to win a whooping maximum amount of MWK 250 million (ksh19,000,000).

He managed to bag a total of MWK 250 million after placing two bets and hitting a multiplier of 2500, winning a payout of MWK 125 million on each bet.

The winner started playing Aviator in January, inspired by stories of other winners. “A friend of mine had won a small amount, so I decided to give it a try. I thought it would be fun and never expected to win so much,” he said.

Winning Strategy Employed by Winner

Aviator is a virtual game where players bet on the duration an animated plane stays in the air before it flies away. The longer it stays, the higher the multiplier on the bet, but the risk also increases. The simple yet thrilling mechanics of the game is the reason why it has become a favorite among BetPawa users around the world.

Since the goal is to cash out before the plane crashes or wait until it reaches the maximum payout limit, Tuyizere took his time and cashed out before the virtual plane crashed.

“I really just enjoy playing the game,” he said. “From the first time I played, I knew this was the one for me.” With a huge smile on his face, Tuyizere recounted the moment he realized he had hit the maximum limit and won big.

Plans for His Winnings

He claims that the fact that he placed two bets was the reason why he got to bag himself such a big jackpot win. His win not only gets him on the list of the biggest Aviator winners on BetPawa’s platform, but the prize money will also change his life forever.

“I started playing aviator in January and I have kept playing ever since, without winning any substantial amount. This win is a blessing for me and my family. It gives us a chance to build a better future. I’m very grateful to BetPawa for this opportunity,” he shared.


According to a posting by BetPawa’s marketing manager, Bwalya Noah, the betting brand assures its customers that they can continue enjoying the user friendly experience offered by the platform, while expecting guaranteed payouts, every time they win.

Tuyizere’s win follows other significant wins, including Francis Chigudu’s MWK 125 million and Steve from Lilongwe’s MWK 174.2 million.

In response to these wins, BetPawa emphasizes responsible gaming. “We are thrilled for our winners and wish them all the best. We encourage all our users to play responsibly and remember that the primary goal is to have fun,” the BetPawa representative stated. Therefore, keep betting and ensure to bet wisely. Good luck.

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