Kajiado man wins Ksh 11,173,683 in SportPesa Mega Jackpot for predicting 16/17 games

Lady luck has once again smiled on another ordinary Kenyan turning them into an instant millionaire. Patrick Nyakuni, a businessman from Kajiado County, saw his dreams come true overnight after he won himself Ksh 11,173,683 in the Sportpesa Mega Jackpot.

According to a post on the Sportpesa Facebook account, The 26 year old was able to bag himself the huge amount after correctly predicting 16 out of 17 football matches.

Unfortunately, had he been able to predict all 17 matches correctly, he would have won the whole jackpot prize of Ksh 347 million. This would have ultimately made him the biggest Sportpesa Jackpot winner in Kenyan history.

“He correctly predicted 16 out of 17 games in one of the different bet selections he had placed, picking KSh 6.3 million from that specific slip,” read the statement.

The Winning Strategy He Employed

Having joined Sportpesa in 2016, Nyakuni has been palcing bets regularly, and as a result, he has become a seasoned participant on the various jackpots offered by the betting platform.

His recent triumph stands as the pinnacle of his betting career as he strategically placed multiple bet combinations, ultimately enabling him to bag himself over Ksh 11 million.

He managed to secure his substantial win by participating in the Mega Jackpot, which allows players to place double combinations.

This strategy paid off, as Nyakuni not only won the Ksh 6.3 million prize for the 16 correct predictions but also accumulated bonuses from other jackpot levels.

Specifically, he earned Ksh 1.7 million for 15 correct predictions, Ksh 1.6 million for 14, Ksh 1 million for 13, and Ksh 442,000 for 12, totaling Ksh 11,173,683.

“I have been placing combinations for a long time now and I like it because it gives me some sort of safety net to my bets,” explained Nyakuni.

Nyakuni’s Plan for His Winnings

At his unveiling in the Nairobi Business District, an elated Peter Nyakuni unveiled his plans for the huge prize money he bagged himself. The father of two expressed his commitment to expand his business and invest in various projects at home.

Expressing his gratitude and future plans, Nyakuni stated, “This win is a life-changing moment for me and my family. I plan to invest wisely to ensure that these funds multiply and support my future endeavors.”


Patrick Nyakuni’s win is a testament to the fact that winning the jackpot is not only a matter of guessing but a combination of strategy and luck. His story is not just about a substantial financial gain but also about hope, strategy, and the exciting possibilities that come with participating in such contests.

As Nyakuni embarks on this new chapter, his story will likely inspire many others to dream big and perhaps try their luck in the next SportPesa Mega Jackpot.

Alongside Nyakuni, other winners like Johnstone Keya and Martin Ndirangu were also recognized for their respective wins of Ksh 6.3 million and Ksh 1.2 million.

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