Local plumber wins Ksh 1,650,000 in Shabiki Supa Jackpot, plans to pay dowry

The Shabiki Supa Jackpot has once again transformed the life of another ordinary Kenyan after Boniface Anaya recently bagged himself Ksh1,650,000.

The hardworking plumber from the Kawangware 56 area in Nairobi County had the luckiest day of his life after correctly predicting 14 out of 15 Shabiki Supa Jackpot matches.

Even though Boniface missed out on the whole Ksh7,625,325 Shabiki Jackpot price by failing to predict all 15 matches correctly, Anaya claims not only to have no regrets but also plans to keep on playing until he bags the prize money in full.

“I had banked on Watford to win, as they were the home team. Unfortunately, they ended up with a draw, which denied me the chance to win the full prize money.

I am grateful for the amount I have won, for it will for sure change my life. However, I promise to keep on betting until such a time that I win the full prize.”

Boniface stated.

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Plans For His Winnings

Boniface says that one of his most cherished personal goals is to pay the dowry for his fiancé. In Kenya, a man paying his dowry is considered one of the most important cultural practices one participates in life as it symbolizes respect and commitment.

“My husband has never introduced himself to my parents. I am grateful to God for this money for it will now enable us to fulfill our marital duties and pay my dowry”

His wife said.

“I’ve been with her for 10 good years, but I haven’t been able to take anything to my in-laws as appreciation for her hand in marriage. However, with these winnings, I will be able to do all that and, in turn, make my family proud,” Boniface added.

The Journey to Winning

Boniface’s path to this substantial win was marked by consistent participation in the Shabiki Supa Jackpot, driven by a hope to improve his financial situation. Although his daily routine as a plumber was demanding, he maintained a routine of placing his jackpot bets.

This perseverance paid off when he won the jackpot, bringing an overwhelming sense of joy and disbelief. He shared the news first with his fiancée, who has been his support system through thick and thin.

His story is proof that any dream can become a reality, provided that one is willing to put in the effort and perseverance required.

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