Man Wins Ksh 230,000 in Shabiki Jackpot Bonus For Predicting 11/13 Games Correctly

In the unpredictable world of sports betting, getting the desired outcome is usually dictated by a punter’s strategy and luck.

However, for Henry Gitau, the delicate balance between strategy and luck recently tilted in his favor.

The lucky winner won himself a whooping Ksh230,000 in the Shabiki midweek jackpot bonus. Henry was able to correctly predict 11 out of 13 games and in turn, won himself Ksh 230,000.

How Much Did Henry Stake?

By staking Ksh49, luck was on his side, allowing him to win the Shabiki Midweek Jackpot. Had he been able to correctly predict all 13, Gitau would have been able to win himself the total grand prize, which is Ksh3,000,000.

“I played the Shabiki Midweek Jackpot and got 11 out of 13 matches correct.  If I had been able to correctly predict all 13 games, I would have been able to win myself the total grand prize, which is 3,000,000,” Gitau said.  

“I am grateful to Royal Media Services and Shabiki for giving Kenyans the chance to win some money.

The amount I have won will enable me to finish some business I had started earlier. I promise to keep on playing, until the time I win the total prize of KSH3,000,000,” He added.

How The Shabiki Jackpot Works

In the case of the Shabiki Jackpot, players are required to select winning teams from a pool of given fixtures.

The fact that these teams span various leagues and sporting events makes choosing the correct teams and winning the jackpot quite hectic.

Gitau says that he received a message from Royal Media Services on 13th-04-2024 telling him he is the winner of the Shabiki Midweek Jackpot.

The message further informed him that he had bagged himself KSH230,000 for being able to correctly predict eleven out of the given 13 games.  

The significance of this win extends beyond mere monetary gain, transcending into the realm of possibility and inspiration.

In a world where uncertainty looms large, the story of an individual defying the odds serves as a beacon of hope for countless others.

It reaffirms the belief that dreams, however improbable, are within reach, awaiting those bold enough to pursue them.

Henry Gitau’s story is a testament to the fact that proper analysis, a good strategy, and a little luck can surely help someone win a life-changing amount of money in the Shabiki Midweek Jackpot.

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