George Odera bags Ksh 3,604,032 in SportPesa Mega Jackpot Bonus for predicting 15 games correct

In the world of sports betting, every punter dreams of winning big. The SportPesa Mega jackpot, renowned for its life-changing prize amounts, attracts millions of Kenyans hoping to make it big.

However, for many Kenyans, their endeavors usually remain that – a dream. For George Odera, his dream came true when he became the latest millionaire in the country by clinching the SportPesa mega jackpot bonus.

According to a post by SportPesa on Facebook, George Odera bagged himself an impressive Ksh3,604,032. By correctly predicting the outcome of 15 out of 17 matches, he was able to clinch the SportPesa Mega Jackpot bonus.

However, the two matches he failed to predict correctly denied him the chance to win the entire jackpot, which was at Ksh357 million.

Odera, the man from Miritini, Mombasa County, claims that his success was not a fluke, but a combination of a strategic approach, dedication to studying games, and a little luck.

Instead of banking solely banking on pure luck, Odera meticulously analyzed the jackpot, statistics, and player matches before choosing.

Strategy Odera Employed To Win The Mega Jackpot Bonus

His winning strategy is a testament to the fact that careful analysis can heavily tilt a pundit’s odds increasing their chances to win.

Having joined SportPesa in 2014, George Odera had spent a decade placing bets but never won the jackpot prize.

The passion and dedication that he has enabled him to gain the skills to take calculated risks, in turn increasing his chances of winning.

Unlike casual bettors who rely on gut feelings or blind guesses, Odera adopted a more systematic approach. “I spend hours analyzing team statistics, player performances, and historical data,” he revealed in an exclusive interview. “It’s not just about luck; it’s about making informed decisions based on evidence.”

Odera claims that before placing his bet on a Sunday afternoon, his friend had warned him against placing bets with SportPesa. “As we parted ways, he warned me against placing a bet, but as soon as I got home, that is exactly what I did,” he said.  

Being a businessman who owns a laundry in Mirirtini, Mombasa County, the bonus prize came as a blessing to help him invest further in his business. Odera plans to expand his business and complete the ongoing construction of his house.

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